Yukang Yan

A CS Ph.D. student at Tsinghua University

I am a PhD student in HCI group, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. My advisor is Prof. Yuanchun Shi and Prof. Chun Yu.

My research area is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), in which I focus on developing body movement-based interaction techniques (hand gesture, head gesture, body posture, facial behavior) to improve the user experience with VR/AR, wearable devices and voice user interfaces. 

Contact me:
E-mail: yanyukanglwy@gmail.com
Phone number: +86 18810305337

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Fall 2015 to present
Ph.D. of Computer Science and Technology

Tsinghua University

Fall 2011 to spring 2015
Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology

Tsinghua University

Fall 2012 to spring 2015
Bachelor of Economics (Dual Degree)

Tsinghua University


[1] PrivateTalk: Activating Voice Input with Hand-On-Mouth Gesture Detected by Bluetooth Earphones

Yukang Yan, Chun Yu, Yingtian Shi, Minxing Xie. UIST 2019

[2] Eyes-Free Target Acquisition in Interaction Space around the Body for Virtual Reality

Yukang Yan, Chun Yu, Xiaojuan Ma, Shuai Huang, Hasan Iqbal, Yuanchun Shi. CHI 2018

[3] VirtualGrasp: Leveraging Experience of Interacting with Physical Objects to Facilitate Digital Object Retrieval

Yukang Yan, Chun Yu, Xiaojuan Ma, Xin Yi, Ke Sun, Yuanchun Shi. CHI 2018

[4] HeadGesture: Hands-Free Input Approach Leveraging Head Movements for HMD Devices

Yukang Yan, Chun Yu, Xin Yi, Yuanchun Shi. IMWUT 2018

[5] Float: One-Handed and Touch-Free Target Selection on Smartwatches

Ke Sun, Yuntao Wang, Chun Yu, Yukang Yan, Hongyi Wen, Yuanchun Shi. CHI 2017

Research Experience

University of Michigan              October 2019 - Present

Visiting student with Professor Michael Nebeling

MSRA, Beijing                       October 2014 - March 2015

Research intern in HCI group, mentored by Hong Tan

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Tsinghua Univeristy                          Spring 2018
Human Computer Interaction Technology                      Spring 2015
Graduate course on human-computer interaction                              

Teaching Assistant, Tsinghua University              Fall 2018, Fall 2017
Computer Science: An Overview                             Fall 2016, Fall 2015
1st undergraduate course.                                                                            


National Scholar for Doctoral Students                                              2018
Special-Class Award in "Challenge Cup" of Tsinghua University  2017
Outstanding Undergradute of Tsinghua University, 5%                 2015
Outstanding Thesis Award of Tsinghua University, 5%                   2015
"Rising Star" Internship Award of MSRA, 5%                                      2015
Academic Excellence Scholarship of Tisnghua University, 5%     2014
Comprehensive Merit Scholarship of Tisnghua University, 5%      2013

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